My name is Cristina and I am a computer engineer from Romania currently interning at The Linux Foundation on Linux Kernel. This blog is dedicated to anyone who wants to get an insight of this internship as I will share my experience of driver development within the Industrial I/O subsystem of Linux Kernel.

  • Contributions [link]
  • Presentation at LinuxCon Europe 2016 [link]


  1. Welcome !
  2. Application Experience
  3. IIO Setup
  4. Achievement unlocked: First IIO driver
  5. Baby [penguin] steps: First accepted patches
  6. Hero work: Saved HMC5843 from Staging
  7. Maxim success for Maxim potentiometer. Accepted driver
  8.  Show must go on !
  9. The Depths of Hardware Discovery
  10. Writing Makefile code or How to do magic
  11. Google Summer of Code 2016 Summary
  12. The LinuxCon 2016 Experience