Baby [penguin] steps: First accepted patches

Hello again !

Within the last post I told you about my work at TH06 sensor and that the patch was sent for review at the IIO maintainers. Well, the review came and I found out that there already was a driver in Linux Kernel that was pretty similar to mine and that could be adjusted to support TH06 too. I am talking about drivers/iio/humidity/si7020.c, the driver for Si7020 humidity and temperature sensor from Silicon Labs. Although the sensors have different manufacturers, they have the same register set and they implement the same command interface (check out the datasheets: TH06 and SI7020).

So the next challenge was to create the connection between this driver and TH06 sensor. As I said previously, the logical link between the physical device and the driver is done by a name identification so I extended the id table of the driver with the id of TH06 [patch].

Similarly, Hoperf TH02 sensor has an identical communication interface with Silicon Labs SI7005 so I extended already existing drivers/iio/humidity/si7005.c driver with the TH02 id [patch]

You know how they say: That’s one small step for me and one giant leap for mankind ! 😉



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